Codirector of faculty research priority area ACES (Amsterdam Center of European Studies)

I have been appointed Co-Director of the ACES Research Priority Area within the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences of the University of Amsterdam.  I will replace departing Sociology Professor Giselinde Kuipers on the Governing Board of the FMG RPA. Within the Faculty, I will have special responsibility for promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and joint activities between Political Science, Sociology, Communication Science, and Psychology.  


Collective identities and integration of core state powers

Francesco Nicoli  and I are organizing the ACES Annual conference on Collective identities and integration of core state powers on 12-14 December in Amsterdam. The conference brings togther leading scholars of European integration who will present recent research on the interplay between identity and integration of policy areas that are seen as the core business of modern states, such as taxation and redistribution and security and defense. More information: