Special issue on collective identities and integration of core state powers published in Journal of Common Market Studies

Together with Francesco Nicoli, I have edited a Special Issue on Collective identities and Integration of Core State Powers in the Journal of Common Market Studies, one of the leading EU-studies journals.

The special issue provides an interdisciplinary analysis of the link between collective identities and supranational integration of powers in policy areas that are essential for the functioning of the modern state.

It includes contributions by Tanja Boerzel, Bjorn Bremer, Brian Burgoon, Catherine de Vries, Michael O. Eze,  Sacha Garben, Philip Genschel, Stephanie Hofmann, Markus Jachtenfuchs, Felix Karstens, Theresa Kuhn, Matthias Matthijs, Kate McNamara, Frederic Merand, Silvia Merler, Paul Musgrave, Francesco Nicoli, Thomas Risse, Katja Van der Wal and Catherine de Vries

The special issue can be accessed here: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/toc/14685965/2020/58/1

Codirector of faculty research priority area ACES (Amsterdam Center of European Studies)

I have been appointed Co-Director of the ACES Research Priority Area within the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences of the University of Amsterdam.  I will replace departing Sociology Professor Giselinde Kuipers on the Governing Board of the FMG RPA. Within the Faculty, I will have special responsibility for promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and joint activities between Political Science, Sociology, Communication Science, and Psychology.