First results: public support for cross border risk sharing when unemployment hits


With colleagues from the University of Amsterdam and INAPP, I have been conducting a conjoint experiment on public support for European unemployment risk sharing. The experiment was conducted among a representative sample of nearly 20.000 respondents in 13 member states in October and November 2018.

The conjoint experiment studies citizen preferences for actual policy proposals that vary on six dimensions: (1) generosity, (2) country-level conditionality, (3) cross-country redistribution, (4) governance, (5) impact on taxes, and individual conditionality. Our results show that policy design matters for public support. Findings also highlight differences across countries, and socio-economic and ideological differences among citizens. Most importantly, fundamental opposition to cross-border risk sharing is confined to a small segment of the European population.

A policy report on our results can be found here: